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2022-05-30 16:39:54

the plan of the year lies in the spring. with the support of xiamen tungsten group promotion office and xiamen tungsten college, and after careful preparation by our lean office and human resources department, on april 12, 2022 iam lean six sigma green belt training class honglu will be held. the special class officially started.

xie xiaojun from xiamen tungsten college served as the head teacher of the training class and presided over the opening ceremony. more than 40 people including the lean project commander mr. zhang jianxin and trainees from various departments attended the meeting.

before the class started, mr. zhang jianxin, the chief commander of the lean project, made a request to the 42 students who participated in the lean six sigma class: xiamen tungsten lean six sigma green belt class is a core training for cultivating the backbone of the company's talents. with a sincere and sincere attitude, you must take every class well and master and understand every lean six sigma application tool.

team icebreaker

in order to deepen the mutual understanding among the members and cultivate mutual understanding, this icebreaker changed the previous format, randomly divided the members into four groups, and represented the key words of their respective groups with their self-selected photos.

each group member takes turns to introduce the reasons for their choice of photos in the group, and jointly make suggestions for the group name, slogan, goals, keywords, and draw the group logo.

each group came to the stage to show their demeanor in turn. not far behind, everyone actively participated. everyone was very busy and worked together to loudly display the group slogan.

it is time to set sail and set sail for development. this interesting ice-breaking activity also kicked off the 10-day training for the rainbow heron.

the trainees of this training class were very motivated, and none of the trainees were late or asked for leave due to illness or incident. through a series of training and daily assessment activities such as dmaic\msa\hypothesis testing\spc\cpk\value stream, each member further corrects their own understanding, strengthens their concepts and improves their abilities!

training review

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