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tungsten plate

suitable for high temperature furnace, semiconductor, 3c, nuclear industry and other industries

high quality, big output, meet all your needs

with rich production experience in powder metallurgy industry, our own complete production chain from raw materials to finished products, as well as, strict implementation of gb/t3875-2006 standard during new product research and development, plus, the synergistic management mode of production and sales, we are able to provide you tungsten plates with high quality, big output, and customized requirement. we ensure excellent quality and efficient service during your purchase and use.

extensive applications, excellent performance

whether it is for heat generators in electric vacuum furnaces, heat shields and parts for electric vacuum light sources, or for medical diagnostic and therapeutic equipment, or radiation and interference shielding, our high-quality raw materials and rich production experience enable us to provide you with tungsten sheets featuring in high temperatures resistance, anti-deformation, radiation protection and high shielding effects.

features – various kinds of materials are available:

high purity tungsten, pure tungsten, rare earth doped tungsten, aks potassium doped tungsten

relying on a complete raw material industry chain and strict material management, we can provide customers with a variety of different materials, such as

high purity tungsten: tungsten purity more than 99.999%, less impurities

pure tungsten: tungsten purity greater than 99.95%

rare earth doped tungsten: higher temperature resistance, better ductility

aks potassium-doped tungsten: better high temperature resistance and deformation resistance

we can also develop various tailor-made materials with customers to pursue more suitable performance


tungsten round plate / tungsten square plate / plate with tailor-made shape

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